What is the greatest threat to national security over the next 25 years? Are we living off the benefits of past investments in IC? The relationship between America's IC infrastructure and its security is symbiotic, investments in the former are investments in the latter.

"A nation’s best defense is an educated citizenry"
-Thomas Jefferson

In addition to value creation and resultant economic prosperity, intellectual capital directly affects national security. The Executive Summary of the U.S. Commission on National Security Report stated that there is an urgent need for "recapitalizing America's strengths in science and education". The executive summary goes on to state that "Americans are living off the economic and security benefits of the last three generations' investment in science and education, but we are now consuming capital. Our systems of basic scientific research and education are in serious crisis, while other countries are redoubling their efforts. In the next quarter century, we will likely see ourselves surpassed, and in relative decline, unless we make a conscious national commitment to maintain our edge".

This document was written by a bipartisan commission and it pulled no punches, stating very clearly that "in this Commission's view, the inadequacies of our systems of research and education pose a greater threat to U.S. national security over the next quarter century than any potential conventional war that we might imagine". As outlined in the Business Of Education section of this website, business investment in IC can be motivated by enlightened self-interest, by considerations of continued prosperity for a particular firm and for the economy in general. Politicians can likewise be motivated by concerns of continued prosperity but also by the national security implications of failing to invest in IC. As with prosperity, security is a concern for businesses and politicians at the local, state and national levels. We are living in the Information Age and a well developed national IC infrastructure is critical to a safe and prosperous future.